Month: May 2020

Without much comment, the last contribution from 8the1 consists of a cryptic visual meditation on the current COVID end of lockdown time. An invitation to find your unique identity between busy ants, to keep to the ground, mindful of our space? Anyone’s guess. Carry on, free-spirited, deranged friend!

Poetry in music 2 -Miss Havisham Miss Havisham è un personaggio del romanzo ‘Great expectations’ di Charles Dickens. È una ricca signora di mezza età, mentalmente instabile a causa di un trauma subito, che vive nella sua lussuosa casa in rovina con la figlia adottiva, Estella. Miss Havisham è stata abbandonatasull’altare il giorno delle nozze: […]

The first time I heard anything from Brian Eno was in 1985, I borrowed a cassette from a friend that had some now forgotten musician that I was into at that time on one side and Brian Eno’s Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks on the other. I started playing the B side by mistake and it took me […]

an enigmatic first post by 8the1, the conceptual artist who is trying to strike the balance between commitment and refusal with his life, with RadioPeng and with the pandemics in general.

Giorgio Alvise Baffo (Venezia, 1694-1768) apparteneva alla famiglia Baffo, ascritta al patriziato, della quale era l’ultimo erede maschio: non avendo avuto figli, è stato quindi l’ultimo illustre esponente della casata che si è estinta con lui. Intorno al 1730, entrato in contatto con la cultura d’oltralpe, scelse di dedicarsi a una poesia licenziosa e filosoficamente […]

You have many mp3 files stored aside. What are you going to do about it? You are not listening to them, they stay in some remote corner of your hard disc, gaining dust, maybe losing bits, slowly disappearing digital sounds. There was a time when you loved them. You collected them  when you realised, all […]

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