Number one of ‘the legend of the downloaders’ is dedicated to a unique blog, dead since 2012: Holy Warbles, by Owl Qaeda. Investigated by G. Papa In the summer 2020 I had time to go through some old mp3s from 2011. I randomly selected a mixtape compilation called ‘Just a closer walk with thee’. I […]

Una amica sta facendo una ricerca su gruppi di nomadi e gypsies che si sono adattati a usare i social media per tenersi in contatto con altri gruppi di nomadi a distanza, nei loro viaggi. L’esperienza migratoria e’ familiare ai miei amici. Continuare a stare in contatto con le proprie radici, geografiche, culturali, spirituali, e’ […]

You have many mp3 files stored aside. What are you going to do about it? You are not listening to them, they stay in some remote corner of your hard disc, gaining dust, maybe losing bits, slowly disappearing digital sounds. There was a time when you loved them. You collected them  when you realised, all […] 8the1 observation and commentary on a world in free fall...has it happened already? what will survive? Cockroaches?

Louis Armstrong famously said “All music is folk music”, citing the fact that he’d never seen a horse sing a song as evidence for the hypothesis. It is as good a definition as any, and one I’m going to stick with for now. Folk music (with a capital ‘F’) typically refers to music from a […]

Nino De Vita è un poeta di Marsala, riconosciuto come una delle voci poetiche più interessanti e rigorose della letteratura contemporanea. Scrive nella lingua di Cutusìu, la contrada marsalese dove è nato.  Unn’issi nenti a nuddu (Nino De Vita – Cùntura) Vivia r’u ‘na ricina r’anni accussì, agghimmata e ùimma nn’a ddu bbucu ri stanza […]

Death by Water by TS Eliot in COBRA music Death by Water

Gelo di Mellone Gelo di Mellone is a classic ‘dolce’, or dessert, from Palermo. Probably derived from the arab culture, it is loved by anyone in the family, especially if made according to Mamma’s or Nonna’s secret recipe. It works better with the giant watermelons, full of colour, taste and juices, ripening in the sicilian […]

Without much comment, the last contribution from 8the1 consists of a cryptic visual meditation on the current COVID end of lockdown time. An invitation to find your unique identity between busy ants, to keep to the ground, mindful of our space? Anyone’s guess. Carry on, free-spirited, deranged friend!

Poetry in music 2 -Miss Havisham Miss Havisham è un personaggio del romanzo ‘Great expectations’ di Charles Dickens. È una ricca signora di mezza età, mentalmente instabile a causa di un trauma subito, che vive nella sua lussuosa casa in rovina con la figlia adottiva, Estella. Miss Havisham è stata abbandonatasull’altare il giorno delle nozze: […]

The first time I heard anything from Brian Eno was in 1985, I borrowed a cassette from a friend that had some now forgotten musician that I was into at that time on one side and Brian Eno’s Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks on the other. I started playing the B side by mistake and it took me […]

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