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Gelo di Mellone Gelo di Mellone is a classic ‘dolce’, or dessert, from Palermo. Probably derived from the arab culture, it is loved by anyone in the family, especially if made according to Mamma’s or Nonna’s secret recipe. It works better with the giant watermelons, full of colour, taste and juices, ripening in the sicilian […]

Without much comment, the last contribution from 8the1 consists of a cryptic visual meditation on the current COVID end of lockdown time. An invitation to find your unique identity between busy ants, to keep to the ground, mindful of our space? Anyone’s guess. Carry on, free-spirited, deranged friend!

an enigmatic first post by 8the1, the conceptual artist who is trying to strike the balance between commitment and refusal with his life, with RadioPeng and with the pandemics in general.

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