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Greg Ory started life as a blues harmonica player in Sydney, Australia, but was forced to leave the country after a particularly fierce harp duel that ended the career of prominent bluesman Blow Nasty. On the long journey to London aboard a merchant ship transporting illegal fidget spinners, he was introduced to prog rock by […]

Micropunta is a team formed by Monica Carrozzoni and Fabrizio Vegliona. They are authors, directors, content-creative directors, producers of film\video\documentaries, artists, writers, editors, investigators and detectives. They are now based in Milano but they travel and traveled throughout dimension and space time living in Montreal, Modena, Catania, Roma, Berlin, Forte dei Marmi, Paris, London. Under […]

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Faccio collage di brani di poesie o prose di un autore più o meno antico, più o meno famoso, per adattarli a una musica che compongo per l’occasione. La musica è al servizio della poesia (o di un racconto, di un romanzo…) e viceversa. Perché, alcune volte, si ha la sensazione che la musica aiuti […]

Gianni Papa  has experience in journalism and radio that started in the early 90’s in Palermo, Italy, working for ‘Mondello Radio’. Broadcasting from the toilet of a larger ‘radio privata’ on the exclusive channel 108 FM, Mondello Radio, founded by legendary entrepreneur Fabio Beccali, only lasted for a year or so. Its premature end left […]

Art is individualism, and individualism is a disturbing and disintegrating force.

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