January 24, 2021


Curious Music Flows

RadioPeng values part 1

You have many mp3 files stored aside. What are you going to do about it? You are not listening to them, they stay in some remote corner of your hard disc, gaining dust, maybe losing bits, slowly disappearing digital sounds. There was a time when you loved them. You collected them  when you realised, all of a sudden, you were granted online access to them, in the heyday of peer-to-peer and napster. From one moment to the next, you could store and listen most of the obscure long-out-of-print music you had dreamt of. In a remote bedroom in a corner of the planet, mythical music that you could only conjure up through the words of some journalist telling you about it with words, in the pages of some music publication…Before regulations, before money became the measure…sharing as desire, as act of solidarity: someone somewhere taking the time to make the music you dreamt about available online, asking for a little recognition in return, with little commercial interest, just for the pleasure of sharing them with same-minded companions, like in an ancient ritual, finding oneself and comraderie off the beaten track, in search for gold. Catering for the geeky one, offering to the curious soul, building new inspiration.

Then there was a time of blogs, when people would write about its story or pondered about its quality and hand their favourite music. These were unique moments when personal search, taste,  thinking, writing of it and preserving, transmitting, sharing the music went over and above mere attention-grabbing and quantifying. Slowly interest crept in, the widely available public provision of library materials backed down. We care for your business interests, we do not want to steal from your artists. Far from it. When you feel you genuinely respect the artist you have learnt to know in full liberty, you realize you have a choice and responsibility to support them.

This was not just about piracy or a danger to money passing hands. Yet this was about humanity transmitting traditions, keeping track of history, saving from disappearance the stuff worth preserving. Whatever the social media fun, the pressure on capturing your attention and with it your imagination, there’s more to it we ar trying to use the digital age for.

Is it time we heard the story of those days? We want to hear the story of these days. Writing about them could be fun. We want to literally ‘hear’ – maye even better listen to?- people’s tastes through their archives and contributions. There are tens of thousands of hidden libraries that were curated by private djs and librarians who could see some worth in sharing them with audience, with no registrations, not keeping counts, just for the fun of it.

As we launch into a uncertain, precarious life online, we want to think of our values.  Why should you invest time in it? Here’s then one of the values of Radio Peng: preserving that mp3 sound culture, transmitting its values, inviting to listen to others’ views on it and finding out what really matters for you. One of the many voices, braving the web in search of company to converse about them.

And here’s our request: how about sifting through your collection, selecting your favourites tunes, the ones that would not be listened and need to, that won’t necessarily impinge any copyright, download some free mixer and proceeding to mixing them, recording them as mp3 and sharing them on RadioPeng? We will upload them for free and listen to them together with our community. This may be a small community but we will listen intently.

Please send your contributions to: mp3culture@radiopeng.com

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